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Brothers team up to take control of energy costs with twin solar PV installation

By Jayne Freer

TWO brothers wanting to take control of their electricity bills teamed up with Northern Ireland’s most trusted solar energy solutions company, Amber Green Solar, to install twin solar PV panels on their Co Antrim homes.

Andrew and Robert Park, who live just doors apart in Ballynure, decided to join forces in the bid to reduce their ever increasing domestic energy bills.

The brothers each had 6.5KW solar systems installed on their homes by Amber Green Solar and are now looking forward to having better control of their fuel bills.

Both agreed that recent moves by energy firms to push up electricity bills, including Power NI by almost 18 per cent, was the main reason for seeking an alternative, solar energy solution.

Andrew Park said: “I thought it was something we could look at to try and get our bills down. Our bills were getting bigger and I thought solar PV would be nice to save some money.

“Robert and I decided to do it at the same time as we’d get a better deal getting both homes done at the same time, by the same Amber Green Solar teams.”

Brother Robert added: “We just wanted to try and get a better deal and buying two lots at the same time helped. Amber Green Solar demonstrated what good customer service is all about and we are both very pleased with their work.”

Dwyer O’Neill, managing director of Amber Green Solar, said: “This twin installation is an excellent example of how families or neighbours can team up and reap the benefits together of producing their own power.

“Home owners across Northern Ireland come to us as the most trusted solar PV installer. We are delighted to have Andrew and Robert as our customers and hope they both enjoy having control back over their electricity bills.”

To find out more about how an Amber Green Solar PV system could work at your home or business, call our team today FREEPHONE on 0800 122 3838.

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