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Couple take control of rising energy bills with Amber Green Energy solar PV system

By Jayne Freer

A COUPLE from Northern Ireland say they are ‘thrilled to bits’ that their new solar PV system is not only fuelling their home but is also helping the environment at the same time.

David and Janice Beggs recently recruited leading solar energy solutions company Amber Green Enegry to install a 3.5KW solar pv system on the roof of their Co Tyrone home.

Now they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first bill to see how much they have saved.

Mr Beggs said: “We wanted to reduce our electricity bills for our domestic use. Our Solar PV compliments the heat panels we had installed five to six years ago. We can use our emersion heater for hot water during the summer months. It’s great for us.

“I’m hoping to have the solar pv panels paid off in a few years time. It’s a great investment and we feel like we’re doing something for the environment too. Happy days.”

Solar panel systems, also known as solar photovoltaics (PV), soak up the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. They not only work in direct sunlight but can still generate electricity on a cloudy day.

Dwyer O’Neill, managing director of Amber Green Solar, said: “Reducing energy consumption and taking control of the cost of energy at your home is a great reason to invest in solar PV as a solution to rising energy bills.

“Mr and Mrs Beggs have done just that and can now sit back and reap the benefits of turning to a greener and more efficient way of generating electricity into their Co Tyrone home and whatever energy isn’t being used can be sold back to the grid.”

The Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation, known as the NIRO, is the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment’s prime method of increasing renewable electricity generation in the province.

NIRO works  in tandem with Renewables Obligations covering the rest of the UK. It obliges electricity suppliers to produce a certain number of certificates – known as ROCs – as a proportion of the amount of electricity which they supply to their customers in the region.

For more Government news on ROC’s visit

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  • Amber Green Energy is an industry leader in green energy solutions in Northern Ireland. The company has bases in Armagh and Belfast. It adopts a dynamic approach to project funding, combined with proven technologies, ensures excellent returns on investments from renewable, sustainable power generation. Amber Green helps clients navigate green energy legislation and access to sustainable energy revenues. Amber Green Energy helps clients with the planning and design of sustainable green energy technologies for anaerobic digestion, wind power generation, combined heat and power and solar panels – photovoltaics. Amber Green Solar is a subsidiary of Amber Green Energy.
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