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MGMPR Ltd will help you write submissions for business awards in Northern Ireland

Submissions, submissions and more submissions as awards season is upon us!

IT’S that time of year again and businesses start focusing on their achievements as newspapers, magazines and councils launch their annual awards.

It’s a time when everyone starts looking through which categories best suits their business with some eager to see a bit of new life when it comes to categories and criteria.

Businesses focus on their teams, their CSR activity, their latest advancements in technology, their brand exposure, product development, innovative practices and so on.

We are honoured to work with established businesses who recognise the benefits of allocating time, effort and resources for submitting entries for industry awards.

Awards are not just about giving your team a pat on the back – they are about so much more.

Industry led awards showcase many elements of a business and year on year we see our clients doing really well by focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Here are our EIGHT reasons why your business should enter awards:

  • Storytelling – 92 per cent of people want stories. If you have a good story to share then why not share it with a panel of judges and your wider community and open your business up to the profiling opportunities which come with business awards. Choose your words wisely and make every word count. That’s where we come in.
  • Learning – If you’re not in – you won’t win but it’s not all about winning either. You get to learn more about your business and also about you and your team. An awards process can be gruelling and difficult because you will face stiff competition – but don’t be put off. Enter!
  • Confidence – When you get a professional team of writers to submit an award for you it gives you confidence about your business and your team. Having an awards submission reminds you how well you are doing and gives you the confidence to implement new initiatives which will help you develop your business.
  • Re-evaluate – Have you something new to say? Have you invented something? Have you implemented a new CSR practice? Sometimes people can be too close to their own businesses and don’t recognise their achievements in the way someone else would. Step back – let us write your story. If your business has hit a milestone, celebrate it, don’t hide it.
  • Brand Exposure – By entering awards you can boost your brand’s exposure – not just in mainstream media but on social media. Awards always have their own hashtag to follow so being a part of an awards process allows your company to engage in those social conversations leading up to, during and after. Not only that but people who are not attending the gala awards night also follow the hashtag on Twitter. This is a great way of getting your brand out there.
  • Connections – Every single time we have attended an awards ceremony we always meet someone who connects with us. People like doing business with people. If they like you there’s an increased opportunity for a working relationship to develop. If you’re seen as approachable the likelihood is you will make strong connections. Influence the influencer. Who knows what could happen.
  • Motivation – Every time we submit an award for a client – whether they win or not – they always feedback that there’s an increase in staff morale. They are a great way to build relationships in-house. Employees feel motivated if their company has been shortlisted, highly commended or announced as the winner. It’s always a nice gesture to invite members of your team to the awards ceremony.
  • Competition – Do you know who you are up against? Who are your main competitors in your sector? Industry awards are a great way to meet your competitors. Rather than rolling your eyes at the fact that they continue to win awards – join them. Enter. Compete.

If you are feeling a bit lost about writing an awards submission let us help you. It can be daunting so you crack on with your job and let us do ours!


MGMPR Ltd is a multi-media PR agency which uses brand journalism as a powerful communication tool. We are a team of media law trained professionals who have the storytelling skills to deliver your company’s key messages across multiple publishing platforms. By ‘Telling Your Story’ we are building on your success. If your company wishes to enter an award call MGMPR on 028 3756 9569 or email Eleanor directly on eleanor@mgmpr.co.uk – Brand journalism is a key approach to PR in Northern Ireland.

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