September 23 Case Study

School recruits the MGMPR team to lead media campaign for school growth plans

MGMPR Ltd has been employed by Markethill High School since September 1, 2012. The brief involves enhancing and developing publicity about the school for local media and ensuring the successes of the school are made known to new audiences, through both ‘traditional’ media and new social media opportunities.

Additionally, in the summer of 2012, the school launched a campaign for a new build school and Sixth Form in line with certain proposals brought forward by the Local Education Authority on behalf of the Minister of Education. MGMPR was tasked with orchestrating the publicity for the campaign and ensuring the message was delivered to key stakeholders – most notably decision-makers.

In relation to the campaign, the Governors of Markethill High were thoroughly impressed with how quickly MGMPR Ltd grasped the crucial concepts, sensitivities and issues of the task at hand. In all our dealings with the company, they have acted with clarity, diligence, sensitivity and initiative. Nothing has been too much trouble and the company has built up strong, positive and effective relationships with stakeholders on behalf of the school.

Eleanor McGillie herself has always been available for discussion and meetings as and when required – even in the evenings. She is always prompt at responding to e-mails and telephone calls and she has represented the school exceptionally well at various events and meetings.

Eleanor and her team compiled a public relations strategy for the campaign to ensure key messages were delivered to target audiences through appropriate media platforms. This included the extensive use of digital media platforms to record key events. Again, the Governors were impressed with her management style.

MGMPR Ltd has written all types of editorials, including hard news stories, features, and Vox Pops. The team is outstanding in sourcing promotional opportunities. This has led to the school receiving prime space in regional newspapers. We are very grateful.

As Principal, I know that the management of the campaign and the publicity for the school are in safe hands with MGMPR Ltd. It is true that the success of the campaign has led to a lot of media coverage in the local weeklies and regional dailies and farming press. As a result of this level of publicity the school has been able to partner with highly reputed organisations which take a leading role in Agriculture. This would not have happened without MGMPR’s contributions and dedication to the needs of the school.

MGMPR Ltd has used its website and harnessed the power of its social media platforms on our behalf in order to report media successes. I find the company excellent at feeding back in relation to campaign developments and at giving pertinent information in relation to the perception of the school in the broader community.

The ethos of MGMPR Ltd is entirely in line with the needs of the school and the campaign in particular, which at times has been highly politicised and sensitive. Through it all, I have nothing but the highest of commendations for the work of this company. From the very outset it has totally understood the unique ethos and priorities of the school.

As I write this reference, I can say without hesitation that the reputation of the school in the community and further afield has probably never been higher and while decisions are still to be made by politicians regarding the educational estate, the school is very confident that it has shown all its best cards in a timely and effective manner. This would not have been possible without the sterling work and support of MGMPR.

I thoroughly recommend this company.

James Maxwell, Principal of Markethill High School


* If your school needs assistance with an Education PR campaign call MGMPR Ltd to discuss detail. Our team of media law trained professionals would love to help you. Phone our office on 028 3756 9569 and we can plan how we move forward together.

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