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Landlord and business owner chooses AmberGreen for solar solutions

By Eleanor McGillie

A Crossgar based landlord recently installed 6.5kW AmberGreen Solar PV panel systems on an out building roof at his tenanted farmhouse.

Hamilton Coulter, of Crossgar, Co Down, has long term tenants in his farm house and said from a landlord’s perspective choosing solar, as a means of generating income from the premises, made perfect business sense.

Mr Coulter, who runs his business from home where he also installed a AmberGreen pv panel system, says although he won’t realise his ROI for a few years, he is delighted he took the step to contact AmberGreen.

He said: “What I was looking for was a renewable energy company that had depth. There are a lot of companies out there who are in it for the gold rush I would imagine but I was reassured  AmberGreen is here for the long term when I became aware or the diverse range of renewable they offer including a major biomass investment. There is a 20 year return on this investment which is completely dependent on the amount of the electricity the panels produce so purchasing the optimal panel in my opinion Q CELLS is essential otherwise I could miss out on thousands of pounds in returns.

“I, like most others probably, did a lot of research and that meant trawling through websites to find who the best was. This is one of those occasions where a website offered credibility. The stories and videos on AmberGreen’s websites are great. It was great to see so many people testify to the high quality of their products and their services. And once then I had met the sales team I knew this was a quality company.”

Mr Coulter said he was also attracted to AmberGreen because they use German panels.

He said: “I drive a German made car. German products are generally well engineered so I imagine they engineer their solar pv panels to the same high standards. I am glad to say I have the German engineered Q CELLS panels on my roofs, opting for unknown Chinese made panels was not even an alternative I realistically considered.

“It will be interesting to see how each of the pv systems perform because they are at different roof pitches and face south but each differs slightly.  I am looking forward to seeing results.”

To speak to one of the AmberGreen sales team about how solar PV systems call FREEPHONE 0800 122 3838.

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Notes To Editor:

  • AmberGreen is a trusted market leader in sustainable energy in N Ireland for small and mid sized solar and heat solutions.  Providing a complete service, from consultancy through to sourcing, installation and after-care, the company uses only proven technologies, ensuring excellent returns on investments from sustainable power and heat generation.  AmberGreen helps clients navigate green energy legislation and access to the financial support measures that exist.  AmberGreen is proud to be putting control back into the hands of homes and businesses across the country to address and future-proof rising energy costs.
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