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August 1 Brand Journalism PR Northern Ireland The MGMPR Blogger

PR agency - Brand Journalism - Eleanor McGillie, director of MGMPR LTD and Live It Experience It. 030417-020

PR agency in Northern Ireland celebrates third anniversary

MGMPR Ltd is a multi-media PR agency which uses Brand Journalism as a powerful communication tool.

Today we celebrate being three years old! For three years we have delivered consistently for our clients, we are honoured to represent the companies and organisations we work with and we are proud to continually demonstrating the power of brand journalism as part of business strategies for our clients and indeed for ourselves. Have a read;

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November 7 In the Press

INTO says no to cuts as budgets are slashed yet again

1,000 solar jobs at risk if DETI shines green light on ROC reduction

The solar industry in Northern Ireland is booming with more and more households and businesses realising the benefits of generating energy.

This week, the Northern Ireland Solar Trade Association attended a Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment committee meeting to give evidence to the Minister as to why the proposals to reduce the Renewable Obligation Certificate should not be implemented. Here’s the full story.

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October 29 The MGMPR Blogger

Renewable energy gives you the power – you just have to make use of it!

James O’Neill, a student on brand journalism placement with MGMPR Ltd, gives his view on creating a sustainable future.

James, who is a student at Royal School Armagh, has a passion for story telling. He believes that everyone who is in a position to embrace renewable energy solutions should do so. With government incentives in place, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, James says his generation is calling for parents and grandparents to take action.

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March 30 Newsfeed

Solar PV panels with AmberGreen is the ‘intelligent choice’ says store boss

The owner of Waterside Warehouse is just one of the many business owners in Northern Ireland who is generating his own power by installing solar PV.

Sunny Ghaie has installed a 20kw system on his roof in a drive to reduce his £1,000 per month electricity bills.

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March 30 In the Press

Green minded business enterprise agency goes solar at innovation centre

CIDO – an enterprise agency for start up businesses has switched to solar following a decision bosses described as a ‘no brainer’.

Its annual electricity bills had topped the £20,000 mark so bosses made the call to AmberGreen in order to get the solution it needed to drive down costs and lower its carbon footprint.

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March 30 Newsfeed

Landlord and business owner chooses AmberGreen for solar solutions

AmberGreen Energy customer, Hamilton Coulter, described the green energy solutions company as one ‘with depth’ and here for the long term.

Mr Coulter, who runs his own business, said reading and listening to so many customers on the company’s website, testifying to the quality of service and quality of product, sealed the deal for him.

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February 5 In the Press

Intensive livestock veterinary practice gets Q Cells Amber Green solar PV system

A veterinary practice and wholesaler which relies heavily on refrigeration systems to keep stock cool, said after long and hard deliberations, it has decided to invest in solar panels.

Northern Ireland based Mossvet has had a 20kW Q-Cell flat roof Hilti solar PV system installed at its Portadown site by the team at AmberGreen Energy to drive down its £3,000 annual electricity bill.

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February 5 Newsfeed

Rugby team given more power with new Amber Green goal post sponsorship deal

AmberGreen Energy is supporting the rugby team from Royal School Armagh by sponsoring its four international goal posts at its grounds in Armagh.

AmberGreen believe in giving back to the community as well as promoting health and well being among young people. The company has close links with the school and is delighted to support it in this way and wishes the rugby team every success this season.

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January 29 Newsfeed

UK community energy scheme should come to Northern Ireland, says Saintfield couple

Communities across the UK are looking at collaborative approaches to creating a more sustainable future for all.

A couple from Saintfield says the community scheme which has been discussed by the UK Government encouraging power generation in communities, should be introduced in Northern Ireland.

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January 27 In the Press

Is Northern Ireland ready for community energy schemes? AmberGreen says ‘Yes’

The launch of a new £10million energy fund has been described as ‘a significant step forward’ by AmberGreen who says the UK Government backed community initiative should be rolled out in NI.

Communities in England will be offered up to £150,000 each to create their own renewable energy through solar panels or wind turbines.

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January 16 In the Press

The clock is ticking as leading poultry farmer urges others to beat the NIE deadline

Fred Maxwell, one of Northern Ireland’s leading poultry farmers recruited AmberGreen Energy to install a solar PV system to reduce his annual £20,000 electricity bill.

Mr Maxwell, who pays a total of £100,000 for gas and electricity, is encouraging other poultry farmers to take advantage of renewable energy as a means of cutting energy costs.

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January 14 In the Press

Water pump project saves lives in Indian village thanks to pastor led church project

Green energy solutions company, AmberGreen, are saving lives in one of the poorest regions of India thanks to a water project backed by the company.

The company has funded the installation of a new drinking water pump in the village of Gajipur in the Uttar Pradesh state of northern India which is being used every day by hundreds of villagers.

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January 4 Newsfeed

Brothers team up to take control of energy costs with twin solar PV installation

AmberGreen Energy is one of the most trusted and reliable green energy solutions companies which operates teams across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

The team are installing solar pv and delivering biomass heating solutions across the UK for homes and businesses. People want to reduce their rising energy costs and lower their carbon footprint so are switching to sustainability.

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December 20 Newsfeed

Couple take control of rising energy bills with Amber Green Energy solar PV system

Homeowners and businesses across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales are generating their own power by installing AmberGreen Energy solar PV systems.

AmberGreen Energy is a green energy solutions driven company which puts the power back in your hands so as a billpayer you are no longer at the hands of volatile energy markets. AmberGreen has built its reputation as one of the most trusted supplier and installer of solar and biomass solutions.

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December 15 Newsfeed

Ground mounted AmberGreen solar PV installation to combat price hikes for homeowner

The AmberGreen Energy team are delivering green energy solutions to homes and businesses across the UK to help people take back control of their energy costs.

The ‘Big Six’ regularly appear in the media for making huge profits yet bills continue to rise for the customer.

AmberGreen offer people the solutions that will allow them to power their own properties with solar pv systems and biomass boilers.

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