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May 1 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

The battle for pink begins as elite cyclists gear up for the Tour of Ulster

Today begins the 2015 AmberGreen Energy Tour of Ulster with the welcome of 150 elite cyclists from across the globe to Northern Ireland.

The race starts with a time trial at the Stormont Estate this evening with people gathering at 6.30pm. Tomorrow, they will leave Belfast from Malone Playing Fields before racing to Newry. On Sunday, they leave for Cookstown and on Monday, a circuit race takes place in Cookstown. Come and cheer them on.

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April 30 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Surfing brothers have Richard Branson in sight in campaign for Pitch To Rich

The clock is ticking as two brothers from the North Coast are campaigning to win the chance to pitch to billionaire Richard Branson.

The Pitch To Rich initiative offers businesses, with a new idea, the chance to pitch to the billionaire to compete to be a part of a £1,00,000 prize fund which the 10 best pitches will win. The Skunkworks Surfboard Company strives to make the most robust, high performance surfboards and stand up paddle boards in the world.

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April 20 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

NI races for pink again as 150 elite cyclists prepare for the Tour of Ulster

The countdown is on as 150 elite cyclists prepare to travel to Northern Ireland to take part in this year’s Tour of Ulster.

The race around Ulster’s roads, from Belfast to Newry, through Armagh and finishing in Cookstown, is Ireland’s longest established road race. The organisers are encouraging people to come out and line the roads to cheer on the cycling elite from Australia, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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January 1 In the Press

Great start to New Year as duo raise £30,000 for vulnerable children during epic challenge

Rick Stein’s Head Chef Stephane Delourme and Peter McGahan, owner of Worldwide Financial Planning have raised £30,000 for Cornish charities.

The pair created the Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge last year which saw them running seven marathons in seven Celtic countries. Stephane and Peter’s challenge has come to an end and they are overwhelmed by the support shown by the media, their families, friends, business associates and the public.

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November 7 In the Press

Fighting for pink again as ‘AmberGreen Energy Tour of Ulster’ is announced

The Tour of Ulster is Ireland’s longest established cycling race and since it was established in 1957 its popularity has rocketed.

In 2015, cyclists from around Europe will travel to Northern Ireland to take part in the ‘AmberGreen Energy Tour of Ulster’ which will take riders from Stormont, to Newry, onto Armagh and finishing in Cookstown. The tour is embedded in the racing calendar and is a highlight of the racing year.

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October 16 In the Press

Last leg of Celtic 7 brings runners to Cornish Alps at Eden Project challenge

THE marathon challenge, which Rick Stein’s Head Chef, Stephane Delourme, and Peter McGahan started last May will draw to a close this Sunday at Cornwall’s Eden Project.

The multi-terrain route on Sunday is challenging and will give runners a taste of the journey that the landscape itself has been through. Highlights include the man-made spoil heaps known as the ‘Cornish Alps’ and the former china clay pit that now entertains over a million visitors a year.

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August 6 In the Press

It’s half way time for Stephane and Peter as running men head to the Isle of Man

Rick Stein’s Head Chef, Stephane Delourme and owner of Worldwide Financial Planning began their Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge a few months ago in Belfast.

The pair have since raised approximately £20,000 for charity. Stephane and Peter’s efforts have featured in several media outlets as they reach the half way mark.

Visit the Virgin MoneyGiving page (Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge) to make a donation.

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July 11 In the Press

Two down, five to go, as running men Stephane and Peter head to Wales

The Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge has got off to a great start as the two runners, Peter McGahan and Stephane Delourme head for Wales following their success in Brittany.

Stephane, who is head chef at Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant in Padstow in Cornwall, and Peter, owner of Worldwide Financial Planning, are raising money for three children’s charities.

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May 2 In the Press

Belfast gets a touch of Rick Stein as marathon whistle blows for head chef

Rick Stein’s Head Chef, Stephane Delourme and Peter McGahan, owner of Worldwide Financial Planning arrive in Belfast for the first marathon in the Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge.

The pair who live in Cornwall are embarking on the challenge which will finish in Cornwall’s Eden Project at the end of October. They are raising money for three children’s charities.

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April 23 In the Press

Alive Surf School celebrates ‘Best Family Activity Provider’ award – again!

Surfing is world class sport which is accessible to everyone regardless of age, shape, size or fitness levels, says Ricky Martin, owner of Alive Surf School in Portrush.

The school, which is the longest running surf school in Northern Ireland, has won been awarded Best Family Activity Provider in Northern Ireland’ for the third year in a row by OutdoorNI.

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April 20 The MGMPR Blogger

Zip up your wetsuit and let’s go surfing! West Strand in Portrush is the place to be!

Surfing is a sport which is world class. Eleanor McGillie speaks to Ricky Martin to find out what the buzz is all about.

West Strand in Portrush, Northern Ireland, is a top class destination which not only showcases our beautiful coastline but it is a central hub for sport, events and tourism all year round. So zip up – surf’s up!

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