August 31 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

INTO says no to budget cuts

Bleak start back to school as the INTO says no to budget cuts

Schools across Northern Ireland have been finding out that their budgets have been cut – another insult to education according to the INTO.

Ireland’s largest teachers’ union says news of further cuts to school budgets will mean children will be denied access to services, class sizes will increase and special needs provision will shrink. Gerry Murphy outlines the INTO’s take on the news which will create many challenges for principals and pupils across the region.

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January 16 In the Press

Copyright © Kevin Cooper Photoline NUJ: Teachers' Strike to go ahead on Wednesday

Teachers’ strike to go ahead with major rally at Belfast’s QUB student’s union

THE planned teachers’ strike in Northern Ireland will go ahead as planned on Wednesday morning regardless of the situation at Stormont.

Members of the INTO were balloted before Christmas and an overwhelming majority of teachers voted in favour of strike action over the ongoing pay dispute. The INTO says it has been engaging with the Government but talks have failed. Wednesday’s strike will also include a rally at Queen’s University Belfast Student’s Union. Here’s the full story:

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December 22 In the Press

Seamus Hanna, chairman of the INTO Northern Office, says INTO teachers will strike in the New Year. IMG_0454

INTO teachers will be striking in the New Year as results of ballot are announced

INTO teachers in Northern Ireland have overwhemlingly voted in favour of strike action in the New Year according to ballot results which have been published this afternoon.

Today’s ballot reveals that strike action is supported by 78 per cent of INTO members with 94.97 voting in favour of action short of strike. The ballot turnout was 40 per cent which demonstrates the strength of feeling on this issue across the membership. Here’s the full story issues on behalf of the INTO:

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November 29 In the Press

Teachers' are being balloted for strike action

7,000 teachers are being balloted for strike action as fair pay rise talks fail

Thousands of teachers across Northern Ireland could be walking out of classrooms in December as part of strike action as fair pay talks break down, says union.

The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation (INTO) are balloting its 7,000 members for strike action as it claims talks between employers and the Department of Education have broken down. Gerry Murphy, INTO’s Northern Secretary, says teachers have had enough and the education system is at a crisis point. Here’s the story:

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November 8 In the Press

Teachers' are being balloted for strike action

Hundreds of teachers picket at school gates as 60 schools protest over pay

Hundreds of teachers across Northern Ireland will picket at school gates at lunchtime today over a pay dispute with Stormont.

Teachers, from four unions, INTO, UTU, ATL and NAHT, are demonstrating at the school gates asking parents and members of the public to lobby their local MLA as to why the Government do not appear to place value on the education of children across the province. Here’s the full story about today’s action across the region.

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March 3 Brand Journalism In the Press

INTO to launch major lobbying campaign which will dominate 2016 election trail

Ireland’s largest teachers’ union is expected to confirm it will launch a major lobbying campaign on a scale which is unprecedented in Northern Ireland.

Tomorrow begins the annual Northern Congress at Hilton Templepatrick where INTO Northern Secretary, Gerry Murphy, will speak about the scale of the union’s efforts in its bid to place education at the top of politicians’ agendas during the forthcoming election campaign. Read full story here:

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February 10 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Tyrone student says investment in teaching gives graduates confidence

There has been a lot of debate in Northern Ireland after the Education Minister John O’Dowd announced the Investing In Teaching Workforce scheme.

We interview a student teacher from Tyrone who says the scheme will give graduates like him some hope that there will be jobs available once they leave teacher training college. Jack Hughes from Killyman, agrees with the INTO that the scheme is a genuine attempt to help teachers who are not in full time employment.

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December 10 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Substitute teachers face another Christmas with no pay as inequality strikes again

A senior official at the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation says the rights of substitute teachers in Northern Ireland are being side-lined because employers continue to ignore their rights.

INTO says sub teachers are being held at ransom because employers are not offering them full time contracts, and, in spite of having more than four years’ teaching experience, their rights are being side-lined. Tony Carlin of INTO says equalities must be addressed. Here’s the full story:

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May 1 Brand Journalism Newsfeed PR Northern Ireland

Colourful May Day Parade shows solidarity of unions as thousands set to parade

The annual May Day Parade (MAY 2) which celebrates solidarity among trade union members will be led by INTO.

THE Irish National Teachers’ Organisation has been chosen by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) to lead the colourful and festival style parade Writers Square and continue through Belfast city centre from 11.30am. The May Day Parade is an annual event which joins trade unions together to celebrate the work being carried out. Thousands of people are expected to join in.

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April 21 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

INTO launches scathing attack at ‘ostrich’ ministers over education system breakdown

INTO is calling on parents and business leaders to stand up for education in Northern Ireland as it launches a scathing attack on ministers.

Gerry Murphy, the Northern Secretary, has described ministers as ‘ostriches’ who are burying their heads in the sand instead of dealing with the negative economic impact of dismantling the education system in Northern Ireland. INTO members are working to rule this week over budget cuts.

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March 30 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Teachers' are being balloted for strike action

INTO says domino effect of teacher job losses to start with over 560 posts to go

Ireland’s largest teachers’ union is predicting that job losses in the education sector will start snowballing in April with language specialists being the first victims of the cuts.

INTO’s Northern Secretary Gerry Murphy says children and communities in Northern Ireland will suffer because the Department of Education can’t manage its own budget. INTO is encouraging parents to campaign to retain teaching posts, to lobby politicians for investment.

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March 13 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Teachers, parents and pupils stand in solidarity at picket lines over cuts

Thousands of people took to the streets today to protest over proposed cuts in the Stormont House Agreement.

Teachers, parents and children met on the picket lines right across Northern Ireland to protest over proposed cuts by Minister of Education, John O’Dowd. Speaking in Omagh Annmarie Conway, INTO chairperson, said INTO will continue to fight for jobs, for children and for teachers. Here’s the full story:

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March 12 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Executive must reinvest in teachers, smarter spending and long term strategy is key

Ahead of tomorrow’s strike, INTO says teachers have been forced to act. INTO balloted for strike action and tomorrow teachers will use their voice.

Northern Secretary, Gerry Murphy, says calling teachers out on strike was not an easy decision to make but reiterated that action will be escalated as INTO’s campaign to get a better education for children, a better workplace for teachers and securing wider economic benefits, continues.

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March 9 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Teachers strike to defend rights of children to get the education system they deserve

On Friday, teachers will be out on strike to defend the rights of children so they get the education system they deserve, says INTO.

Tonight, the Northern Executive of INTO held a special emergency session during which it declared INTO’s (Irish National Teachers’ Organisation) decision to urge all of its 6,647members to support an education system our children deserve and not one which the Executive determines it can afford.

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March 4 In the Press

Teachers’ union prepares for industrial action as 79% vote in favour of strike

After weeks of balloting the results have been counted. Teachers across Northern Ireland have opted for strike action.

Today John O’Dowd told the education committee that schools will likely see 500 job losses for teachers and 1,000 for non-teaching staff due to £28m cuts to his budget. INTO members say ‘enough is enough’ with 79 per cent opting for strike action on Friday, March 13. Here’s the full story:

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