November 10 Case Study

Emersons and MGMPR team up for PR therapy as £2million city investment rolls out

Our team at MGMPR Ltd know how to get people talking about brands and we know how to develop that conversation through storytelling.

Emerson’s supermarket in Northern Ireland is a 125-year-old household brand name which is currently investing £2million in the high street. We are delighted to tell the story of the investment which will bring shoppers back into the hub of the market square. Consumer PR matters. Tell Your Story!

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September 23 Case Study

School recruits the MGMPR team to lead media campaign for school growth plans

Education PR is so important because there are a number of audiences to satisfy. Our communications have been tailored for students, parents, teachers, schools, the board of governors, traders, politicians, staff and more.

We have been leading a media campaign for Markethill High School since September 2012 – a campaign which continues to build momentum. Here’s what Principal James Maxwell has to say.

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