November 23 In the Press

Students at Markethill High School support Putting Pupils First Campaign

Principal says Sixth Form must be ‘an unstoppable force’ in Putting Pupils First Campaign

Markethill High School’s principal, James Maxwell, says the Putting Pupils First campaign continues its push for Sixth Form.

Mr Maxwell was speaking directly to parents, pupils, teachers, DUP MLA Emma-Little Pengelly and the media when he described the status quo in relation to post-16 provision for pupils from the Protestant Controlled community as ‘a disgrace, unequal and unfair’ and said it was time the status quo was ‘condemned to the dustbin of history’. Here’s the story:

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November 8 In the Press

Teachers' are being balloted for strike action

Hundreds of teachers picket at school gates as 60 schools protest over pay

Hundreds of teachers across Northern Ireland will picket at school gates at lunchtime today over a pay dispute with Stormont.

Teachers, from four unions, INTO, UTU, ATL and NAHT, are demonstrating at the school gates asking parents and members of the public to lobby their local MLA as to why the Government do not appear to place value on the education of children across the province. Here’s the full story about today’s action across the region.

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September 29 Brand Journalism In the Press PR Northern Ireland

Markethill High School wins International School Award from British Council

Markethill High School is a school which continues to thrive and its most recent accolade is winning the British Council International School Award which was celebrated at the school.

A British Council assessor said: “This is an outstanding action plan and a credit to your school. Markethill High School has clearly demonstrated its continued commitment to embedding internationalism into the curriculum during the years it has been involved in the International School Award.”

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May 12 In the Press

Markethill High School first in UK to receive European excellence award

MARKETHILL High School standards are raised again as its the first school to have ever been awarded with European excellence in Leuven in Belgium.

The award, presented at a Civic Reception during the annual European Studies Conference at the Institute of Ireland, was the result of a collaboration carried out by Class 10JC who teamed up with pupils in Dublin and Spain.

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January 13 In the Press

Quality education and quality teaching standards to hit the mark at Open Night

Over the last number of months Markethill High School revealed details of its ICT Vision, Literacy Vision and its ‘Vision 2014’ strategy. Those attending the school’s Open Night will hear more about the strategy.

Pupils from primary schools across Armagh city and District will learn of the ongoing drive for the highest quality learning and teaching at MHS.

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December 6 In the Press

Markethill High School

Markethill High School governors says enough is enough and urges SELB to make decisions

Markethill High School is popular, it enjoys the confidence of its stakeholders, it is oversubscribed by 23 pupils, it is successful in exam results, its ethos and its vision.

The school’s Governors has submitted a development proposals calling for the school to be allowed to grow and also urges the Education Minister, John O’Dowd, and the SELB to make the correct decision for the school, sooner rather than later.

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November 15 In the Press

ETI Inspection Report gives Markethill High School lots of reasons to celebrate

Achievements and standards, leadership and management, provision of education and the strong role in which the school plays in the community are aspects highlighted in the recent ETI Report.

Markethill High School is a school where pupils ‘Believe To Achieve’ so standards of education continue to get higher year on year. The school is campaigning for a new build school and sixth form provision as it celebrates the ETI Report findings.

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November 12 In the Press

Students at Markethill High School support Putting Pupils First Campaign

Literacy Action Plan 2014 launched as pupils gain confidence to reach full potential

Markethill High School firmly believes that a pupil’s ultimate educational outcome at the age of 16 is closely linked with the effective development of their literacy skills across all subjects.

The school has in place an exciting, ambitious and comprehensive plan to develop pupils’ literacy skills from the moment they come to the school in Year 8. The school works closely with parents and feeder primary schools to ensure the right approach is adopted for each child.

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August 12 In the Press

Markethill High School

Markethill High School is named best non-selective Controlled school in Northern Ireland

Statistics published by the Department of Education show Markethill High School has officially topped the new Annual Area Profiles as the best non-selective Controlled school in Northern Ireland.

Markethill High School is campaigning for a new build school and sixth form provision. The school is one where pupils ‘Believe To Achieve’. The figures show the strength of rural, sustainable schools.

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July 30 In the Press

Armagh City Council extends community partnership with Markethill’s Recreation Centre

Armagh City and District Council announce it is to extend its partnership with Markethill High School by continuing its support for the community sport and leisure initiative which promotes health and well being for the entire community.

The Recreation Centre has been hugely successful so far with both the school staff and pupils using the facility but also the wider community who come to the school in the evenings with their family members in order to get fit.

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June 20 In the Press

School looks to the future with confidence ahead of post primary education decision

The Markethill community are pushing for decisions to be made on the future of education at Markethill High School.

The chairman of the Board of Governors said it’s time decisions were made and he anticipates the right decisions being made by the SELB and the Education Minister in relation to sixth form provision and a new build school on its current site on Mowhan Road.

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June 4 In the Press

Educational Village a good solution for Armagh city based schools, says Governor’s chairman

The Royal School Armagh, St Patrick’s Grammar, City of Armagh School and St Brigid’s High School have been praised by Markethill HIgh School for working together to reach a solution for their pupils.

Chairman of the Board of Governors, Willie Johnston, says he applauds their efforts to find a solution to the problem in Armagh city. He said he anticipates they will come up with a solution.

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April 15 In the Press

Markethill High School is ranked in NI’s top five best non selective controlled schools at GCSE

The 2012 Annual Examination Results released by the Department of Education have been compiled into league tables by the Belfast Telegraph.

The Belfast Telegraph analyse the results by putting all schools into an order of how well they perform at GCSE level. The results have found Markethill High School is ranked in NI’s top five best non selective controlled schools at GCSE. The ranking is a significant achievement.

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February 12 In the Press

Teachers' strike - INTO members will be striking on Wednesday moring for a half day strike action following the results of a ballot before Christmas.

Markethill High School generates £2million stimulating economic and social growth

Markethill High School is an award winning school which not only positively impacts on the lives of its pupils.

The school also has a major impact on community life in the village as recent reports reveal it contributes approximately £2million to the local community which stimulates economic and social regeneration. The school is campaigning for a new build school and sixth form provision.

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February 4 In the Press

Students at Markethill High School support Putting Pupils First Campaign

Pupils lend their voices to support community strong campaign for new build

Markethill High School is a school where pupils ‘Believe to Achieve’ and this is true in their drive to achieve a new build and sixth form.

Head Girl and Head Boy at the school have decided to speak out to show their support for the community campaign for a new building and a sixth form so students like them have to leave their own community to continue with their education. Here’s what they have to say.

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