January 4 Newsfeed

Brothers team up to take control of energy costs with twin solar PV installation

AmberGreen Energy is one of the most trusted and reliable green energy solutions companies which operates teams across Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

The team are installing solar pv and delivering biomass heating solutions across the UK for homes and businesses. People want to reduce their rising energy costs and lower their carbon footprint so are switching to sustainability.

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November 7 Newsfeed

Family switches ISA savings for solar PV to get a better return on their money

Getting a good return on your money is often difficult which is why this family decided to use their ISA savings to buy solar pv panels instead.

The family from Northern Ireland decided they would get a better return on their investment if they used their savings to buy an AmberGreen Energy solar pv system. The family are keen to reap the environmental benefits as well as making savings in energy costs and also generating an income.

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