March 30 Newsfeed

Belfast church greens its roof so solar PV savings boost community projects

AmberGreen Energy provides green energy solutions to homes and businesses in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.

Its teams are out and about helping people save money by generating their own renewable energy using solar pv or biomass. The Ulster Temple in Belfast explains why it switched to solar.

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March 30 Newsfeed

Solar PV panels with AmberGreen is the ‘intelligent choice’ says store boss

The owner of Waterside Warehouse is just one of the many business owners in Northern Ireland who is generating his own power by installing solar PV.

Sunny Ghaie has installed a 20kw system on his roof in a drive to reduce his £1,000 per month electricity bills.

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March 30 In the Press

Green minded business enterprise agency goes solar at innovation centre

CIDO – an enterprise agency for start up businesses has switched to solar following a decision bosses described as a ‘no brainer’.

Its annual electricity bills had topped the £20,000 mark so bosses made the call to AmberGreen in order to get the solution it needed to drive down costs and lower its carbon footprint.

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March 30 Newsfeed

Landlord and business owner chooses AmberGreen for solar solutions

AmberGreen Energy customer, Hamilton Coulter, described the green energy solutions company as one ‘with depth’ and here for the long term.

Mr Coulter, who runs his own business, said reading and listening to so many customers on the company’s website, testifying to the quality of service and quality of product, sealed the deal for him.

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January 27 In the Press

Is Northern Ireland ready for community energy schemes? AmberGreen says ‘Yes’

The launch of a new £10million energy fund has been described as ‘a significant step forward’ by AmberGreen who says the UK Government backed community initiative should be rolled out in NI.

Communities in England will be offered up to £150,000 each to create their own renewable energy through solar panels or wind turbines.

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January 16 In the Press

The clock is ticking as leading poultry farmer urges others to beat the NIE deadline

Fred Maxwell, one of Northern Ireland’s leading poultry farmers recruited AmberGreen Energy to install a solar PV system to reduce his annual £20,000 electricity bill.

Mr Maxwell, who pays a total of £100,000 for gas and electricity, is encouraging other poultry farmers to take advantage of renewable energy as a means of cutting energy costs.

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January 14 In the Press

Water pump project saves lives in Indian village thanks to pastor led church project

Green energy solutions company, AmberGreen, are saving lives in one of the poorest regions of India thanks to a water project backed by the company.

The company has funded the installation of a new drinking water pump in the village of Gajipur in the Uttar Pradesh state of northern India which is being used every day by hundreds of villagers.

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December 10 In the Press

Farmer says the figures now add up as he takes control of energy bills with solar pv panels

Farmers cross the UK are making the most of renewable energy in their drive to reduce their annual energy costs.

One farmer for example who we interviewed was paying out £100,000 per year. This is a serious amount of money for any business in any sector to pay out. AmberGreen Energy gives people the solutions to reduce their costs by offering solar and biomass as alternatives. Here’s why William McIlroy decided to switch to solar.

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December 1 Case Study The MGMPR Blogger

AmberGreen tell BBC’s Good Morning Ulster there’s no such thing as a free lunch with solar

BBC Radio Ulster reporter David Maxwell has aired the debates surrounding free solar and paid for solar pv panels as the industry begins to boom.

David interviews the chairman of AmberGreen Energy, Neil O’Brien, who tells listeners why there’s no such thing as a free lunch and highlights the many problems which can arise from opting to go down the free solar route. Here’s why AmberGreen encourage people to make the investment.

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November 28 Newsfeed

Family recommendation and soaring energy prices sees cousin turn to solar on Tyrone workshop

With solar pv panels becoming more and more popular in Northern Ireland people who have them are now recommending them to family members.

This is what happened with this AmberGreen customer who said his cousin was so impressed by the performance of his AmberGreen system that he decided to get some on the roof of his workshop as well. AmberGreen continues to offer green energy solutions to homes and businesses.

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November 7 Newsfeed

Family switches ISA savings for solar PV to get a better return on their money

Getting a good return on your money is often difficult which is why this family decided to use their ISA savings to buy solar pv panels instead.

The family from Northern Ireland decided they would get a better return on their investment if they used their savings to buy an AmberGreen Energy solar pv system. The family are keen to reap the environmental benefits as well as making savings in energy costs and also generating an income.

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October 30 In the Press

Minister for the Environment digs the sod on Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon housing development

Mark H Durkhan, the Minister for the Environment, has dug the first sod to mark the beginning of the construction on Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon housing development.

The Minister said It is fantastic to see how green technology can operate in a way which keeps a family home well insulated and supplied with electricity while also providing the potential to earn money.

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September 25 In the Press

Amber Green celebrates solar as customers produce 1.5 megawatts of renewable power

The community in Northern Ireland who have installed an AmberGreen Energy solar pv system have collectively generated 1.5MW of renewable power in 12 months.

The company decided to throw a party at Northern Ireland’s largest Grade A listed building, Gosford Castle. Over 300 customers and their families came along to enjoy some AmberGreen Energy hospitality.

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August 9 In the Press

AmberGreen Energy announce acquisition of solar pv installer Global Solar Renewables

At a time when acquisitions are unheard of, AmberGreen Energy announce it is buying Global Solar Renewables – the company’s preferred solar pv installer.

AmberGreen is one of the most trusted green energy solutions companies in Northern Ireland and offers homeowners and businesses solar pv and biomass boiler solutions which will reduce energy costs and save people money.

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June 24 In the Press

Smart ECO Hub say sustainable building technologies is ‘key driver’ of green economy

Smart ECO Hub, the cross border cluster organisation for the sustainable energy sector, hosted a seminar in Co Armagh to encourage green energy businesses to work together.

Speakers at the event, which took place at Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon home to be accredited by the Government, delivered the message that sustainable building technologies is a key driver for the green economy in Northern Ireland.

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