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PR agency in Northern Ireland celebrates third anniversary

By Eleanor McGillie

Three years ago today PR agency MGMPR introduced the concept of using brand journalism as a powerful communication tool for businesses here in Northern Ireland.

Three years on and we are still working with the same clients with more jumping on board because they understand, appreciate and see the results of powerful storytelling using media law trained professionals.

I penned my first story when I was 13 years old. It was my first insight into storytelling. A friend of my father’s had set up a trade magazine called The Mushroom People which was a magazine produced and distributed to those working in the mushroom industry across Ireland. I would interview people, write stories and send them in for publication. This was my first insight into journalism and the power of storytelling on behalf of a brand – 26 years ago.

And like all youngsters, I had my favourite cartoon characters – Batman, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse and Spiderman – major brands all with a captivating story to tell. So much so to this day the stories still captivate and the brands are very much alive and are now captivating the hearts and minds of our children.

So the concept of creating a brand and telling the story of that brand is not new, and has already proven the test of time, but it is only in the last decade that the concept for business has been branded as brand journalism.

In 2004 McDonald’s sought to develop its communications in order to reach different demographics. McDonald’s rejected traditional advertising and marketing approaches in favour of a constant stream approach involving the consistent delivery of key messages to multiple audiences using multiple channels. This was brought alive with its ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ campaign.

Since then, other major multi nationals have adopted this powerful approach. Now here in Northern Ireland and in England, our clients are recognising this real, effective and powerful communication tool as part of their overall business strategy.

So what is brand journalism? Brand journalism is essentially a catalyst for PR combining traditional journalism, marketing and public relations. It is fast becoming the key driver of business communications strategies.

Our clients are very successful people who think outside the box and recognise the value of what we do. More and more companies are looking at our approach because we create journalistic content in their brand communications and deliver it directly to their target audiences.

We identify and write stories, and, because of our experience working in the media as journalists and editors, we are realistic with our clients as to what will make a story in the press and what won’t. Clients appreciate this as do our friends in the media who get enough non-stories dropping in their inboxes. But what won’t make a story in the press will certainly make a story elsewhere.

Similarly, when we send stories out for publications, our friends in the media know as journalists we work to a Code of Conduct in the same way editors and journalists do. We also research and deliver stories which are factually accurate, well written, legally air tight and very importantly – without the fluff.

Adding value to this, our commercial knowledge covering a variety of sectors empowers us to adopt our brand journalism approach as part of our overall PR strategy across multiple industries.

Our newsroom of associates consists of media law trained journalists and editors, award winning photographers, videographers, film crews, social media managers, copywriters, PR consultants, graphic designers, web developers and designers.

Our clients know how important it is to connect with the communities in which they operate. It’s our job to create content which engages, informs, is truthful and educates.

Companies we work with are open and genuine to the public, they are trusted and respected for what they do.

Our approach helps businesses to improve because we deliver effective communications which are aimed to drive their brand and business potential forwards.

So as we celebrate being in business three years today we would like to say a huge thank you to our clients, our friends in the media and to all of the people who have been team players over the past three years.



MGMPR Ltd is a multi-media PR agency which uses brand journalism as a powerful communication tool. We are a team of media law trained professionals who have the storytelling skills to deliver your company’s key messages across multiple publishing platforms. By ‘Telling Your Story’ we are building on your success. If you would like us to talk to us call us on 028 3756 9569 or 07709805379 or email our director Eleanor McGillie on PR Northern Ireland

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