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Solar PV panels with AmberGreen is the ‘intelligent choice’ says store boss

By Jayne Freer

YOU don’t need a degree in renewable energy to know that going ‘green’ is good for the environment and your purse – but it certainly helped for one department store boss.

Sunny Ghaie is the owner and managing director of Waterside Warehouse Ltd and has just fitted 80 solar PV panels to the roof of his 20,000sq foot store in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

He is hoping that the switch to a 20kW Q-Cell solar PV system will help cut his £1,000 per month electricity bill.

He said: “I have a degree in renewable energy and it is something I am quite passionate about. It is also something I had been considering doing for some time and the finances seemed to make sense from a business perspective.

“We had already converted some of our lights to LED and, as the cost of that repays back, we are replacing more and more throughout the building. Solar PV was the next step for us.

“For anyone running a business they need to make sure the figures add up. I ran the computer simulation myself to work out whether there are returns and compared them with the estimates from Amber Green Solar, and came up with even higher figures, so I will be interested to see the returns this year.”

Melanie O’Hara, sales manager of Amber Green Solar, said: “Businesses of all sizes across the province are making the sensible switch to renewable energy. Not everyone has a degree in renewable energy like Sunny, but our team of consultants are on hand to help explain the finer points and demonstrate how it could work for their business or home.”

To speak to one of the team about how solar PV systems can help you, call FREEPHONE 0800 122 3838.

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  • AmberGreen is a trusted market leader in sustainable energy in N Ireland for small and mid sized solar and heat solutions.  Providing a complete service, from consultancy through to sourcing, installation and after-care, the company uses only proven technologies, ensuring excellent returns on investments from sustainable power and heat generation.  AmberGreen helps clients navigate green energy legislation and access to the financial support measures that exist.  AmberGreen is proud to be putting control back into the hands of homes and businesses across the country to address and future-proof rising energy costs.
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