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Farmer says the figures now add up as he takes control of energy bills with solar pv panels

By Jayne Freer

THE figures are adding up for Northern Ireland beef farmer William McIlroy after the installation of an Amber Green Solar PV system at his farm in Northern Ireland.

Mr McIlroy, who runs his Co Tyrone farm, said he wanted it to be more sustainable so he decided to go down the route of solar PV in order to combat rising energy costs.

As a result, Mr McIlroy is now able to fuel his bungalow for ‘virtually nothing’ since Amber Green Solar installed its solar PV system almost a year ago.

The Amber Green Solar team were not only ‘professional’ and ensured a smooth running throughout the installation process, but turned out to be cheaper too, said Mr McIlroy.

“I have always been interested in renewable energy and in the last few years have looked around at wind-power and different things. Part of the reason that led me to solar PV was the money in it. It was cheaper to install, there seems to be a lot less problems with it as an ongoing basis, and there seemed to be a good return from it too. So I put it in just before Christmas 2012 and the figures so far, even with a very dull winter, are very encouraging.”

It was a friend of Mr McIlroy’s that put him in touch with Amber Green Solar. “We had a good smooth run all the whole way through. And they were cheaper too, so that was good,” he said.

In the end, his solar PV installation at the farm extended to his family bungalow as well.

“Take last winter into account and how dull it was. We were more than happy and satisfied with the amount of electricity we were producing. And then, when we see the brighter days coming and do the figures, we are nearly 100 per cent sure we will have no electricity bill for our bungalow whatsoever in the forseeable future,” he added.

Not only is he saving money, but also plans to make money in the long run, he said.

“We are convinced that Amber Green Solar is one of the best. I would recommend Amber Green. They have a good product which was professionally fitted and everyone should give them the chance to quote,” he added.

Dwyer O’Neill, managing director of Amber Green Solar, said: “I am delighted that Mr McIlroy is pleased with the installation and return he has had so far with his solar PV.

“Farmers are very aware of the cost of fuel and it is not sustainable to continue to pay rising energy bills. Renewable energy is proven to be a much better option in the long run.”

Alex Attwood, Environment Minister, announced earlier this year that farmers, schools and businesses in Northern Ireland no longer have to apply for planning permission to put solar panels on the roofs of their buildings.

Speaking at the time Alex Attwood said: “This is a good boost for a cleaner, greener Northern Ireland. By removing red tape around having to make a planning application, schools, businesses and farms will be able to enjoy the benefits of solar pv energy much more easily. For them it will mean cheaper, greener, cleaner energy. A win for consumers and a win for the environment.

“Increasing the range of development that no longer needs planning permission will make it easier for businesses and other non-domestic properties to install renewable energy technologies. Technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps, biomass boiler housing and fuel storage containers all contribute to reducing the impact of climate change.”

To find out more about solar pv and how it will suit your home or business, farm or school, speak to the team at Amber Green Solar on 0800 122 3838.



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