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Intensive livestock veterinary practice gets Q Cells Amber Green solar PV system

By Jayne Freer

GOING green with solar PV panels is a great way of investing money back into a company as well as reaping the rewards of lower energy bills, says one businessman from Northern Ireland.

Chris Sparrow, company secretary of Mossvet, a veterinary practice and wholesaler which relies heavily on refrigeration systems to keep stock cool, said after long and hard deliberations, the company decided to invest on solar PV panels.

Mossvet has recently had a 20kW Q-Cell flat roof Hilti solar PV system installed at its Portadown site by the team at AmberGreen Energy.

Mr Sparrow said: “I was trying to be more efficient and looking for a cost effective way of reinvesting money. My father has a windmill in County Wicklow, which he has had for around eight years, so there’s some awareness of trying to utilise energy better.”

A large flat roof on Mossvet’s 3,000 square ft site now houses 80 solar PV panels, installed by Amber Green in just two days. The hope is to see a reduction on Mossvet’s annual £3,000 electricity bill.

Bosses at Mossvet began planning for the installation last Spring and went through tendering process with three companies. Mr Sparrow said: “We chose Amber Green because of Robert McNeill, an Amber Green consultant, due to the way he went about things. Amber Green was not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but it was carried out in a very professional manner.

“The biggest time for our electricity usage is in the summer for cooling through refrigeration. In May to June we’ll see what the system’s capabilities are but I am pretty sure over the summer period it should provide what we need for our electricity.”

Dwyer O’Neill, chief executive of AmberGreen , said: “Reducing energy consumption and the cost of energy for businesses big or small is a great reason to invest in energy control and green energy solutions. Companies across Northern Ireland are making a stance against rising fuel prices by turning to more environmentally friendly sources of energy.

“We are Northern Ireland’s trusted green energy solutions company and many businesses are turning to us to give them the solution to reducing their energy costs. We are delighted to have Mossvet on board with us and we look forward to helping out other businesses by reducing their energy bills and ensuring they get a Return on Investment (ROI).

If you would like to find out more about AmberGreen, call the team today on 0800 122 3838.

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