October 6 In the Press The Richhill Apple Fayre

New harvest fayre is launched to celebrate the big apple in County Armagh’s eye

The village of Richhill in County Armagh will be celebrating the Armagh Bramley Apple as it prepares to host its first ever Apple Harvest Fayre.

Helping to launch the Richhill Apple Harvest Fayre is Helen Troughton of Armagh Cider Company and Hamilton Loney, chairman of the NI Fruit Growers Association, who say this year is a great year for growing fruit in the orchard county. The event if free and runs from 10am-6pm.

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July 30 In the Press

Armagh City Council extends community partnership with Markethill’s Recreation Centre

Armagh City and District Council announce it is to extend its partnership with Markethill High School by continuing its support for the community sport and leisure initiative which promotes health and well being for the entire community.

The Recreation Centre has been hugely successful so far with both the school staff and pupils using the facility but also the wider community who come to the school in the evenings with their family members in order to get fit.

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