June 24 In the Press

Poultry farmer turns to solar PV solutions to avoid impact of ever rising ‘energy crisis’

Poultry farmers use a lot of electricity in their poultry houses – perhaps a lot more than other types of farmers.

George Knipe is a parent stock rearer for Moy Park. He decided to make the switch because he wanted to invest in the future of his business. George expects his system will be paid off within five or six years and will cut his bill by a third.

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June 20 In the Press

School looks to the future with confidence ahead of post primary education decision

The Markethill community are pushing for decisions to be made on the future of education at Markethill High School.

The chairman of the Board of Governors said it’s time decisions were made and he anticipates the right decisions being made by the SELB and the Education Minister in relation to sixth form provision and a new build school on its current site on Mowhan Road.

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May 10 In the Press

Visit stand to win £4,200 of solar pv panels with AmberGreen Energy at Balmoral Show

AmberGreen Energy is a leading green energy solutions company which operated in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

The company, boasting a large team of energy consultants specialising in solar and biomass, are helping homes and businesses across the country reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by giving them the solution which gives them back control. Join the AmberGreen family by going green.

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May 10 In the Press

UFU praise for Markethill High School’s drive to connect pupils with the land

Agriculture is the core business of the world’s survival. It’s about food security, climate change and energy security and everything which comes with these key factors.

Markethill High School is introducing a GCSE in Agriculture and Land Use which has received the full backing of the Ulster Farmers’ Union. The GCSE will help pupils connect with the land and encourage them to learn about the agriculture sector in Northern Ireland.

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April 23 In the Press

The future just got brighter! Minister extends permitted development for solar PV

Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister says farmers will no longer have to apply for planning permission to put solar panels on the roofs of farm buildings.

The news, announced by Minister Alex Attwood, has been welcomed by AmberGreen Energy – a leading green energy solutions company which is responsible for domestic and commercial solar pv and biomass installations in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

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April 18 In the Press

Green energy solutions company to offer solar and biomass solutions at three day Balmoral Show

Balmoral Show is Northern Ireland’s annual three-day show held in mid-May features which farming and agricultural displays and competitions.

AmberGreen Energy has been paving the way for farmers across the region to future proof their homes and farms by embracing green energy solutions with solar pv and biomass. The team at AmberGreen Energy will be meeting and greeting customers at this year’s show.

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