March 4 In the Press

Teachers' union - INTO Northern Conference 2015

Teachers’ union prepares for industrial action as 79% vote in favour of strike

After weeks of balloting the results have been counted. Teachers across Northern Ireland have opted for strike action.

Today John O’Dowd told the education committee that schools will likely see 500 job losses for teachers and 1,000 for non-teaching staff due to £28m cuts to his budget. INTO members say ‘enough is enough’ with 79 per cent opting for strike action on Friday, March 13. Here’s the full story:

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July 8 In the Press

School of talent grows as new VP looks to a bright future at Markethill High School

Markethill High School is going from strength to strength and the appointment of James McCoy as new Vice Principal, will strengthen its position even more.

The school, which is campaigning for a new build school and sixth form provision, welcomes Mr McCoy to join the team who will help lead the school to continued growth and success.

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January 7 In the Press The MGMPR Blogger

Magazine talks about the power of storytelling with MGMPR director Eleanor McGillie

It’s that time of year when we pledge never to eat carbohydrates again, we all become teetotal and we all convince ourselves it will all be ok because we will win the Euromillions.

Not so fast! Eleanor McGillie, director of MGMPR Ltd, has put the brakes on her hopes of winning the jackpot in favour of building brands through the power of storytelling. Brand journalism combines with other PR tools means MGMPR is best placed to tell your story.

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