June 6 Brand Journalism Comment The MGMPR Blogger

Eleanor McGillie from MGMPR Ltd with business woman Kathie McCausland, founder of Perfectly Pure Juices at the International Synergies Resource Matching Workshop where key topics included circular economy, sustainability, ESG and sustainability in business.

Understanding Sustainability: A Business Imperative

In the grand tapestry of business, sustainability is the thread which weaves together a legacy of responsibility, innovation, and integrity.

The power of a well-told story cannot be underestimated. For businesses, the sustainability narrative is not just about promoting eco-friendly practices but about demonstrating a commitment to a sustainable future for our children and for generations to come.

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February 25 Brand Journalism Newsfeed The MGMPR Blogger

Brand journalism

It’s awards season. Here are EIGHT reasons why your business should enter awards!

It’s that time of year when businesses are gearing up to compete among the best of the best as annual awards are opening up for entries.

Our team at MGMPR write submissions on behalf of companies who, year on year, reap the rewards of competing among the best. Here are EIGHT reasons why you should enter awards if you have an established business. Don’t miss out on opportunities to profile your business. Click here for the full blog:

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February 24 Brand Journalism The MGMPR Blogger

Five top tips from Jo Fairley – the co-founder of Green & Black’s chocolate

Green & Black’s chocolate is nearing a £100million brand worldwide. It was a world’s first when Jo Fairley co-founded the brand.

The award winning journalist tells us today at a live webinar how she used her storytelling skills to get the story out there about Green & Black’s. Just for MGMPR readers we have compiled five top tips which Jo revealed at her presentation. Storytelling is key to building a brand. Read our story here to find out more.

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February 8 PR Northern Ireland The MGMPR Blogger Year of Food & Drink 2016

Combining ancient traditions with our love for our food – Pancake Tuesday #EnjoyNI16

Tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday so we thought we would look at how celebrating an ancient tradition can direct our focus to the wonderful food and drink producers in Northern Ireland.

This is the Year of Food and Drink Tourism so let’s look at how we embrace this tradition by celebrating Pancake Tuesday using locally milled flour, free range organic eggs from local farms using local dairy products and just how the actions of a housewife in 1445 is helping us celebrate our producers.

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August 1 Brand Journalism PR Northern Ireland The MGMPR Blogger

PR agency - Brand Journalism - Eleanor McGillie, director of MGMPR LTD and Live It Experience It. 030417-020

PR agency in Northern Ireland celebrates third anniversary

MGMPR Ltd is a multi-media PR agency which uses Brand Journalism as a powerful communication tool.

Today we celebrate being three years old! For three years we have delivered consistently for our clients, we are honoured to represent the companies and organisations we work with and we are proud to continually demonstrating the power of brand journalism as part of business strategies for our clients and indeed for ourselves. Have a read;

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December 25 The MGMPR Blogger

Nothing gets in the way of a good birthday bash at Uluru – #OneMoreMonth

Dean Coppard, chef at Uluru Bar&Grill used today to make a very special announcement to customers.

The restaurant, which was due to shut its doors at its current location, will now be staying open for one more month before it moves to its new location at Emersons. Dean has written a blog here which he would like to share with customers which explains why the Uluru will remain open for #OneMoreMonth

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October 29 The MGMPR Blogger

Renewable energy gives you the power – you just have to make use of it!

James O’Neill, a student on brand journalism placement with MGMPR Ltd, gives his view on creating a sustainable future.

James, who is a student at Royal School Armagh, has a passion for story telling. He believes that everyone who is in a position to embrace renewable energy solutions should do so. With government incentives in place, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive, James says his generation is calling for parents and grandparents to take action.

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August 1 The MGMPR Blogger

MGMPR Director Eleanor McGillie practices brand journalism to get results for clients

Celebrating Business, Birthdays and Brand Journalism – MGMPR is two-years-old today

MGMPR Ltd is celebrating business, birthdays and brand journalism as the company moves into its third year of business. Brand Journalism has played a key role in our success and the success of our clients who favour brand journalism as a powerful communication tool.

Our team at MGMPR Ltd are a team of media law trained professionals who have the storytelling skills to deliver key messages.

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April 20 The MGMPR Blogger

Zip up your wetsuit and let’s go surfing! West Strand in Portrush is the place to be!

Surfing is a sport which is world class. Eleanor McGillie speaks to Ricky Martin to find out what the buzz is all about.

West Strand in Portrush, Northern Ireland, is a top class destination which not only showcases our beautiful coastline but it is a central hub for sport, events and tourism all year round. So zip up – surf’s up!

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January 6 The MGMPR Blogger

Telling Your Story will help your business grow – here’s to successful collaborations in 2014

MGMPR Ltd is a multi-media PR agency which uses brand journalism as a powerful communication tool. We are a team of media law trained professionals who have the story telling skills to deliver your company’s key messages across multiple publishing platforms.

By ‘Telling Your Story’ we are building on your success. Our director, Eleanor McGillie, explains why we look to the future with ambition.

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December 1 Case Study The MGMPR Blogger

AmberGreen tell BBC’s Good Morning Ulster there’s no such thing as a free lunch with solar

BBC Radio Ulster reporter David Maxwell has aired the debates surrounding free solar and paid for solar pv panels as the industry begins to boom.

David interviews the chairman of AmberGreen Energy, Neil O’Brien, who tells listeners why there’s no such thing as a free lunch and highlights the many problems which can arise from opting to go down the free solar route. Here’s why AmberGreen encourage people to make the investment.

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September 6 Case Study The MGMPR Blogger

Our story on Niddocks discussed in the House of Commons as MPs quiz Minister Ed Vaizey

It’s not every day a UK Minister picks up a story and talks about it in the House of Commons but this is exactly what happened with one of ours.

Minister Ed Vaizey was being quizzed by MPs on the status of broadband speeds in the UK. The Minister referred to our story stating he had read about Niddocks in Cornwall who said broadband speeds in Cornwall and faster than in the Silicon Valley. The story gained widespread coverage in print, on broadcast and on digital.

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August 1 The MGMPR Blogger

Our brand journalism approach to PR in Northern Ireland proves powerful

Brand Journalism is a powerful communication tool which we have used since our company formed on August 1, 2012.

Since then we have taken great pleasure the tell the stories of our clients who total embrace the power of effective storytelling. Our team essentially use our storytelling skills, combined with your brand, to create powerful communications which has gained clients weekly, regional and national coverage.

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January 24 The MGMPR Blogger

MGMPR Director Eleanor McGillie practices brand journalism to get results for clients

A brand journalism approach strengthens public relations for all of our clients

MGMPR Ltd (previously known as McGillie Media & PR Ltd) is the first PR company in Northern Ireland to adopt a brand journalism approach to PR.

Our team are media law trained professionals who know what makes a story and we know how to pitch it, write it and present it. We use our skills to deliver a multimedia approach to PR which compliments our other services.

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January 7 In the Press The MGMPR Blogger

Magazine talks about the power of storytelling with MGMPR director Eleanor McGillie

It’s that time of year when we pledge never to eat carbohydrates again, we all become teetotal and we all convince ourselves it will all be ok because we will win the Euromillions.

Not so fast! Eleanor McGillie, director of MGMPR Ltd, has put the brakes on her hopes of winning the jackpot in favour of building brands through the power of storytelling. Brand journalism combines with other PR tools means MGMPR is best placed to tell your story.

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