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Telling Your Story will help your business grow – here’s to successful collaborations in 2014

By Eleanor McGillie, Director

NOW that everyone has said goodbye to Christmas it’s time to focus on the year ahead. That old saying ‘good things come to those who wait’ doesn’t ring true in our book. It’s like never buying a lottery ticket but expecting to win the jackpot every week. We believe good things come to those who work hard to make success happen.

We are entering 2014 with a very determined and ambitious outlook. Why? Quite simply because we have been planning and strategizing how our business will grow which will ultimately benefit all of our clients and attract new clients who recognise the value in what we do.

Since McGillie Media & PR (MGMPR) Ltd formed in 2012 we have been using our storytelling skills to deliver key messages, to build clients’ brands, to gain momentum and build support for campaigns which we are leading. We have been embarking on a number of Search Engine Optimisation projects for clients and we have been hugely motivated by the ambition of the people we work with across a range of sectors including renewable energy, construction, tourism, food and drink, online marketing, education, agriculture, rural affairs, financial and much more. We have been consulting with a number of companies who understand the importance of informing people about what they do in a manner which is newsworthy and who understand the relevance of delivering well written content to appropriate media platforms.

We are gradually creeping away from the dark days of recession when the clouds of uncertainty have been damply hanging over our heads. Times are changing and there’s a hunger for growth. The McGillie Media & PR (MGMPR) Ltd team love working with companies which are willing to take positive steps to allow for growth. Our core business is about using our comprehensive understanding of the media and using our brand journalism skills to build on your organisation’s profile, raise the profile of your brand, build reputations and to provide an all round multi-media service for you whether your business is in Northern Ireland, the UK or the Republic of Ireland or further afield.

We have a very specialised and highly qualified team of people who we are proud of, who work effectively and efficiently, who work with honesty and integrity and who are highly trained in journalism, media law, public relations, branding, videography, photography, web development and much more.

When was the last time you featured in the media? How are you using your website to communicate your company news? What are your communication plans for 2014? What makes you stand out from the crowd? If you don’t tell your story effectively, how do people get to hear it?

We, like you, have a story to tell and as 2014 progresses so too does our story. We will be revealing some exciting developments ahead and we look forward to sharing those with you. We look forward to continuing our work with existing clients, we look forward to welcoming new clients on board and we look forward to sharing our news with our audiences via www.mgmpr.co.uk, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

If you want to know how we can help you we are a simple phone call away. Phone McGillie Media & PR (MGMPR) Ltd on 028 3756 9569 | 07709805379 or you can also email eleanor@mgmpr.co.uk

Don’t wait for something good to happen – make it happen! Let us tell your story!



McGillie Media & PR (MGMPR) Ltd is based in Caledon, Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland and is strategically positioned to give companies a refreshing solution to Media and Public Relations. We work with clients in Northern Ireland, across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Our team members are highly specialised and deliver to deadline every time. We provide an all round multi-media service and deliver tailor made Media and Public Relations packages which are most suited to your requirements and your budget. We work with honesty and integrity at all times to deliver for you and we treat your business with 100 per cent confidentiality. Call us today on 028 3756 9569 | 07709805379  or email our Director on eleanor@mgmpr.co.uk | Brand Journalism Northern Ireland | Brand Journalism UK | PR Northern Ireland


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