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Zip up your wetsuit and let’s go surfing! West Strand in Portrush is the place to be!

WITH the Easter holidays in full swing so too is the buzz around the West Strand in Portrush. Eleanor McGillie speaks to Ricky Martin, owner of Alive Surf School, to find out what the buzz is all about

What a way to start the day – sun, sea, sand and lots of surf. Wakening up in Portrush when the sun is glistening off the sea is a pretty special view. Families are setting up camp on the beach for a day of outdoor refreshment and hoards of people, young and old, are zipping up their wetsuits and are doing their stretches in preparation for a day of surfing.

This weekend was pretty special in Portrush. Camper vans, branded surf school vans, vans full of wind surfing equipment are all parked up on the green with people lined up watching the surf crash on to the shore. It was a typically ideal day for the Causeway Coast Surf Festival and the crowds didn’t disappoint with photographers there from national and international media to capture the pros riding the waves.

Such an event can certainly gather momentum for a taste of adrenalin among people wanting to try out what is fast becoming a world class sport.

Ricky Martin’s Alive Surf School is one of the longest standing surf school’s on the North West coast and attracts young people, girls and boys, families, groups of friends and people who just want to enjoy mother nature in order to enhance their well being.

Gathered around the Alive Surf School van is a group of young women who have decided to try surfing.

“People of all ages come to us because we have built up a strong reputation as being a surf school which treats people based on their individual capabilities. Not everyone loves the water, not everyone can swim and not everyone is confident so these are all things as instructors we take into consideration,” said Ricky.

“But the one thing everyone has in common is the desire to try out a sport which is good for physical strength, mental well being and, from a commercial perspective, we attract tourists to this part of Portrush because we have some of the best waves along the coastline.

“The North West coast is a very special place and we aim to give our customers the best customer experience possible. This morning there’s a great buzz here. The surf festival is on and everyone is in the mood to have fun in the sea, enjoy the sunshine and go away from their day with a good tale to tell,” he added.

Surfing is definitely a life changing experience. If you have never tried it before it’s something which you will learn to love. It is definitely a sport where practice makes perfect but as well as that you build confidence, you learn to respect the sea, you learn about your own strengths and you meet new friends.

Ricky said: “The group this morning are fantastic. These young women have come here as a group of friends who want to try something new. They are enthusiastic, they listen and they thoroughly enjoy jumping over waves, getting thrown around in the surf and they have all been laughing  for the duration of the two hour lesson.

“What’s even better is that at the end of the lesson they have all said they are coming back for more which is brilliant to hear.

“Our guide to surfing is simple. We make it fun, it’s affordable and people walk away having had a fantastic experience.

“Anyone who is interested in surfing and have never tried it before or even if you have tried it before and need to shake off the cobwebs and have a refresher lesson, give us a call or book online at www.alivesurfschool.com. It’s a fantastic way to spend holidays and weekends.”

Alive Surf School is also a member of Activity Breaks UK – an experiential tourism organisation which has been applauded by the Northern Ireland Tourism Board and Tourism Ireland. The organisation recently featured at the NITB annual conference where Sir Ranulph Fiennes delivered a keynote speech.

For further information on Alive Surf School visit www.alivesurfschool.com and if you would like to book other activities visit www.activity-breaks.co.uk to see what other members are offering.



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