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Opportunities define who we are says Markethill High Principal

By Eleanor McGillie

KEYSTAGE Three pupils at Markethill High School are being encouraged to look for opportunities in the face of challenges to ensure they get the best out of their education.

James Maxwell, Principal, was speaking to the students at their recent prize giving event where everyone celebrated the school’s recent successes including the guest visitor, Mr David Dickson, Principal of the Armstrong Primary School.

Mr Maxwell welcomed Mr Dickson to the school and commended the Armstrong Primary School for having the same community feel about it which Markethill High School is renowned for.

During his speech, Mr Maxwell told pupils that everyone is on a constant journey and said pupils will already have seen a shift in their workloads but encouraged pupils to grab it with both hands and reap the benefits of hard work – no matter how difficult it may seem.

Speaking at the Key Stage Three Prize Giving ceremony, Mr Maxwell said: “There may be some things you do which you find easy. This could be a subject which you really like and are good at or perhaps a sport or after-school club which you are strong at.

“But sometimes it’s how we manage the more difficult things and challenging things which makes us stronger as people, build our characters and make us more successful. The likelihood is there will be something in the next five years which you find challenging – maybe a subject you find hard or maybe a skill you find difficult to master.

“When that happens, the key is not to give up or say ‘I can’t do that’, but to give it your all and more. I encourage you to give it 200 per cent instead of 100 per cent and then you can always say you did your best.”

As the pupils gear towards their GCSE studies, Mr Maxwell told students they will see a huge difference in the work commitment which is required.

He added: “Work hard, reinforce all your learning at all times, revise thoroughly and effectively and avoid the pitfalls which may see you stray away from the path you want and need to be on.

“As TS Elliot said, take risks in your learning, be bold in your imagining and creative thinking and strive to reach maybe not the moon, but most definitely the stars.”

Mr Maxwell congratulated everyone on their achievements, thanked Mr Dickson for showing his support by attending the prize giving and praised all staff and pupils for their contribution to making the Markethill High School community even stronger every year.




  • Markethill High School is a co-educational 11-16 Comprehensive School situated on a spacious site adjacent to the town. Since 1959 the school has been educating pupils of all abilities drawn from a wide geographical area. The school’s ethos is ‘Believe To Achieve’.
  • Markethill High School is the Best School in Northern Ireland for Modern Languages
  • In September 2013, The Minister for Education John O’Dowd congratulates Markethill High School for being one of 11 schools in Northern Ireland which successfully bridges the gap between social disadvantage and educational attainment
  • In October 2013 the ETI report that Markethill High School is a school of ‘very good practice’ and commends all aspects of school life
  • In November 2013 Harper Adams University in Ireland announces a collaboration with Markethill High School to lead the way in education in Northern Ireland by encouraging pupils to take up careers in agriculture
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