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Two down, five to go, as running men Stephane and Peter head to Wales

By Eleanor McGillie

RICK Stein’s Head Chef Stephane Delourme and Worldwide Financial Planning owner, Peter McGahan, are off to Wales on Sunday to run the third marathon of the Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge which has to date raised £19,000 for three of Cornwall’s children’s charities.

Stephane and Peter came up with the challenge which will see them running marathons in seven Celtic nations. So far they have ran the Belfast and Brittany marathons.

The challenge doesn’t end today, however, as the running champions have yet to complete marathons in the Isle of Man, a mountain marathon in Galicia in Spain and Scotland before finishing at Cornwall’s Eden Project in October.

Speaking ahead of the Welsh marathon, Peter said: “Brittany was harder for us than the Belfast marathon. We did it in four hours, give or take a few seconds. We were running in extremely hot conditions so it was very hot and sticky. We got our early morning carb loading all wrong, our water intake and gel intake was a bit all over the place and for whatever reason our garmin watches both started giving eratic readings from mile eight. We’ll get it right today!

“It’ll be great to run in Wales today. The temperature is certainly more suited to us and the crowds will be great no doubt. So far though things are going good. We have a great team working with us and we are getting lots of support from people in Cornwall and further afield through social media and through our Virgin Giving Page.”

Peter and Stephane are raising funds for the Invictus Trust, which helps teenagers with mental health issues and Ellie’s Haven, which offers relief to families with children suffering long term and life limiting illnesses. They are also raising money and dedicating the Wales marathon for Action For Children, a national charity which gives a voice to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and neglected children and young people.

The pair are being trained by ex London Olympics Team GB head physio, Gordon Bosworth and Tri Training Harder.

Stephane, who is head chef at The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow,  added: “The Irish man definitely found the heat in Brittany a bit more challenging than I did but both of us stick together and we will complete all marathons as a team. We would like to thank development manager for Cornwall for the Federation of Small Businesses, Ann Van Der Meulen, who came along to Brittany with us to help us document the story of the Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge.

“Ann is one of many people who has agreed to run the final marathon at the Eden Project with us. We are encouraging as many people as possible to run it with us so please join us.”

Peter and Stephane’s training is being documented on their Facebook (Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge) and Twitter accounts (@celtic7marathon)  and a Virgin MoneyGiving page has been set up so people can donate (Celtic 7 Marathon Challenge).



Notes To Editor:

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