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Zero carbon homes are the way forward for people wanting a smarter way to live

Our director Eleanor McGillie previously worked for Northcliffe – a branch of the Daily Mail Group Trust. From 2007 onwards she worked with numerous green construction companies and renewable energy producers and suppliers in one of her roles as co-editor of the Big Green Guide – a supplement published quarterly in several daily newspapers across the South West of England.

The renewable energy sector was starting to boom in England at that point as more and more green energy solutions companies were created, technology was advancing, workforces were gaining the right skills to push the sector forward and the promotion of sustainable living was gaining more and more coverage in the media. Organisations were set up to promote sustainable activity, home and business owners wanted to reduce their bills and people generally moved with the times and embraced greener ways of living.

So in 2013, Green Future NI recruited the help of MGMPR Ltd to help promote the ‘green’ message and reinforce how living in a more sustainable home saves you money on energy costs but also lowers your carbon footprint.

Green Future NI is a construction company which builds zero carbon homes in Ireland – North and South. It is responsible for the construction of Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon housing development – Salters Grange Manor –  a unique zero carbon housing development which offers homeowners a smarter way of living.

Set in a secluded leafy area on the outskirts of Ireland’s oldest city, Salter’s Grange Manor in Armagh is a landmark development of 18 cleverly designed, spacious homes which offers buyers a choice of detached and semi detached homes and townhouses. It is a development of 18 spacious zero carbon family homes which will feature solar panels, wood pellet boilers, air source heat pumps and will be built with an insulated concrete block structure which is proven to be 77 per cent more energy efficient according to a study by the University of Ulster.

Families, couples and first time buyers are looking at smarter ways of living. There is a demand for more efficient homes as people and investors are searching out smarter ways of living.

The zero carbon development, which is currently under construction, was praised by the Environment Minister Mark H Durkan who dug the first sod at Salters Grange which highlights a new way of living in Northern Ireland.

Mr Durkan said it is fantastic to see how green technology can operate in a way which keeps a family home well insulated and supplied with electricity while also providing the potential to earn money through the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROCs) and by selling energy back to the grid.

John McClatchey, owner of Green Future NI, said: “We have recruited MGMPR Ltd on a number of occasions to provide us with PR and Marketing support as when lobbying politicians at Stormont, when organising ministerial visits, launching our new zero carbon housing development and other projects which have required well written content for our corporate needs.”


What are zero carbon homes?

– They are homes designed for affordable every day living

 – They are designed and built to the Government’s new definition of zero carbon

The government’s definition of a zero-carbon home is one where there are zero net emissions from all energy used over one year. This means that energy needed for heating, lighting, hot water and all electrical appliances in the house, such as TVs and computers, must be obtained from renewable sources.

 – The construction of zero carbon homes takes into account the surrounding environment which maximises daylight and encourages a sustainable lifestyle

 – They use green technology solutions namely wood pellet boilers, air source heat pumps and solar panels as opposed reliance on oil and gas

– They can be open planned to take full advantage of daylight and natural ventilation which minimises energy consumption

– Homes are currently under construction in the North and South of Ireland and across the UK and Europe

– They are the future of house building

What are the benefits of zero carbon homes?

 – Green Future NI zero carbon homes can cost as little as £300 per year to heat and light

 – Homeowners can earn money through the Government Renewable Obligation Certificate Scheme

 – Homeowners are not at the hands of volatile energy markets

– You can control the temperature in your home to suit your needs

– The homes are constructed in such a way to use daylight and fresh air providing climate neutral, comfortable and attractive places to live

 – The high performing homes promote minimising energy consumption and can help eradicate fuel poverty

 – They are economically sound and considered a best value proposition




Notes To Editor:

  • Green Future NI Ltd is a construction company with offices in Armagh and Monaghan. It is  responsible for building Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon home to be accredited by the Government. The concept has been applauded by the Environment Minister Alex Attwood and Phil Hogan TD, following an official opening in March 2012 which attracted widespread media attention, north and south of the border. Politicians have since visited the showhouse and praised the concept as being the future of house building. The company is responsible for starting the construction of Salters Grange Manor, Northern Ireland and Ireland’s first zero carbon housing development.
  • Green Future NI won the Sustainable Ireland Award, was shortlisted for two UTV awards, as well as being in the final for the 2013 Chartered Institute of Housing Awards.
  • For further information contact Eleanor McGillie of MGMPR on 028 3756 9569 | 07709805379 Construction PR | Public Relations Northern Ireland | Public Relations UK | Brand Journalism Experts | Brand Journalism Northern Ireland | Brand Journalism UK | Brand Journalism

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