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John Mulholland Motors takes control of energy by lighting showrooms with solar system

By Eleanor McGillie

THE owner of an award winning car dealership has teamed up with leading renewable energy solutions company, Amber Green Solar, to install a 40kW solar system on his roof in order to generate enough electricity to power his showrooms.

John Mulholland, managing director of John Mulholland Motors in Randalstown, described the move as a ‘no brainer’ as his electricity bills were constantly increasing.

Mr Mulholland, who set up his company 25 years ago, said the latest announcement by Power NI to increase electricity bills by almost 18 per cent, was enough for him to seek out a renewable energy solution.

He said: “Our electricity bills were becoming horrendous so I decided enough was enough and decided to take control. I have installed one of the biggest solar panel systems available. I spent a lot of time researching solar companies but partnered with Amber Green Solar due to the excellent customer care and the fact they are the only company in Northern Ireland who are providing German designed and manufactured solar panels, inverters and mounting rails.

“A lot of companies out there are selling Chinese manufactured panels and this made me very nervous. Warranty and back up in the future was a major concern for us.

“We sell German cars. We took great faith in the fact Amber Green uses German panels. We know quality when we see it. And although the Amber Green Solar system was a little more expensive than the Chinese alternatives on the market I know they are worth it. As well as that, with an excellent warranty in place, we know our system is a safe one. I was so impressed with the service that I have also got an Amber Green system on my home as well.”

Mr Mulholland said as a car dealer he loves technology and loves experimenting with technology in latest car models.

He said: “The Amber Green solar system is the same.  I can see exactly what level of electricity is being produced. On good days the system is generating up to 80-85 per cent which is exactly what the sales team said it would.

“I reckon we will have our money back in five years. Our Hyundai and Skoda showrooms will be nil cost in five years and hopefully we will be receiving payments back from the grid for the next 15 years.

“If my roofs are of the right orientation I will be looking to have the electricity in all workshops and all units being generated by a solar system. It’s a no brainer.”

Dwyer O’Neill, managing director of Amber Green Solar, said companies like John Mulholland Motors are looking for a smarter and more sustainable way of taking back control.

He said: “Businesses like John Mulholland Motors understand the importance of being in control of their business and the costs associated with running that business. It is not sustainable to continue to pay rising energy bills when a few simple steps can be taken to eradicate reliance on power companies who continue to financially challenge business and home owners. We are about giving people the tools to control their bills. We are delighted to give John Mulholland Motors control back.”


Notes To Editor:

  • Amber Green Energy is an industry leader in green energy solutions in Northern Ireland. The company has bases in Armagh and Belfast. It adopts a dynamic approach to project funding, combined with proven technologies, ensures excellent returns on investments from renewable, sustainable power generation. Amber Green helps clients navigate green energy legislation and access to sustainable energy revenues. Amber Green Energy helps clients with the planning and design of sustainable green energy technologies for anaerobic digestion, wind power generation, combined heat and power and solar panels – photovoltaics. Amber Green Solar is a subsidiary of Amber Green Energy.
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