September 6 Case Study The MGMPR Blogger

Our story on Niddocks discussed in the House of Commons as MPs quiz Minister Ed Vaizey

It’s not every day a UK Minister picks up a story and talks about it in the House of Commons but this is exactly what happened with one of ours.

Minister Ed Vaizey was being quizzed by MPs on the status of broadband speeds in the UK. The Minister referred to our story stating he had read about Niddocks in Cornwall who said broadband speeds in Cornwall and faster than in the Silicon Valley. The story gained widespread coverage in print, on broadcast and on digital.

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September 2 In the Press

Broadband speeds in Cornwall are faster than some areas of the Silicon Valley – Niddocks

Two of the world’s leading online marketers say broadband speeds in Cornwall are faster than in some areas of the Silicon Valley.

Rob and Andrea Edlin of Niddocks were chosen out of 14,000 agencies worldwide to attend the Google Engage All-Stars Summit in California. They tested broadband speeds during their visit and compared them to Cornwall. The couple describe businesses in Cornwall as ‘worldwide digital leaders’.

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