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UK community energy scheme should come to Northern Ireland, says Saintfield couple

By Jayne Freer

MOVES by the UK government to introduce grants of up to £150,000 to help communities generate their own electricity should be adopted in Northern Ireland, a local couple say.

Deirdre and Mark Ferran, who have just adopted solar PV panels themselves, believe the move would be a ‘great idea’ to support scores of communities looking to save cash.

They were speaking as Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate, announced a £10million Urban Community Energy Fund to expand the number and size of community renewable energy projects across the UK. However, the scheme will not be available to projects in Northern Ireland.

Mr and Mrs Ferran, who had an Amber Green 6.5kW Q-Cell solar PV system installed on stables at their Saintfield home in November 2013, said they would love to see the scheme adopted in NI.

Mrs Ferran said: “I heard about the UK grants on the news. I think it is a great idea. I don’t see why they can’t do it over here too. If projects can utilise their roof spaces and save electricity, why not?”

Mr and Mrs Ferran are now waiting to see how much they have saved with their own Q-Cell installation, which they opted for on the recommendation of friends.

Mrs Ferran added: “We have a lot of space at the back of the stables so decided to utilise it by installing solar PV panels as it is south facing. Our energy bills are not that high, it is only the two of us at home now, so it was a combination of saving a little more on our bills and helping the environment. Electricity is not going to get any cheaper, in fact all fuel is expensive.”

The couple also made sure they had their solar PV panels installed before NIE brings in new rules on March 1 to limit connections for renewable technology installations.

From that date, home-owners and businesses looking to turn ‘green’ with solar PV will have to install smaller systems. Currently, it is possible for homeowners to install up to a 6.5kW system for a single installation and 20kW for a larger, three-phase installation. But once new limits are introduced, homeowners will only be able to install 3.68kW systems while larger premises will be limited to 11.04kW.

Noel Gallagher, director of Amber Green Solar, said: “Home owners like Mr and Mrs Ferran know the importance of being in control of their fuel costs and by adopting solar pv they are on their way to saving money and generating an income. Amber Green is about giving people the solutions to control their bills and no longer to pay rising energy prices.”

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For more Government news on the Renewable Obligation Certificate visit www.detni.gov.uk




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