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Green minded business enterprise agency goes solar at innovation centre

By Eleanor McGillie

AN enterprise agency for business start up and development assistance  in the Craigavon District Council Area has made the move to power one of its sites using solar PV technology.

CIDO, Craigavon Industrial Development Organisation, which has 40 businesses operating on one of its three sites, says annual electricity bills had reached the £20,000 plus mark.

The agency, which has a core mission to create wealth, entrepreneurship and employment in the area, decided it was time to break free from rising energy prices by generating their own.

Karen Adamson, business development executive with CIDO, said: “We cover all costs such as electricity and heating on our three sites . The innovation centre was built with an air source heat pump so we have always been looking for new technologies which would enhance our building and which would be most cost effective for us.”

Ronan Duff of CIDO describes how solar pv was considered a ‘no brainer’.

He said: “Our electricity bills are so big because there are so many computers and lights at our centres. We wanted to reduce our bills but also lower our carbon footprint.

“We did some number crunching taking into account maintenance, insurance, inflation, inverter and the Government backed Renewable Obligation Certificate and solar pv was a no brainer for us so we had a 20kW solar PV system put on our Innovation Centre.

“We drew up a criteria as to what we wanted. AmberGreen ticked all of the boxes for us in relation to professionalism, the information they provided and most importantly they were the commercially most experienced renewable energy solutions company. They are head and shoulders above the rest. They provided us with a list of testimonials and we went to visit some people who have had an AmberGreen system and everyone we spoke to were happy with the performance of their systems. We are hoping our payback will be in six years time and we are anticipating our bills will be reduced from between £3,000 to £5,000.”

Robert McNeill, sales consultant with AmberGreen Solar, said: “CIDO has three business sites in Lurgan, Carn and the Innovation Centre in Portadown. It’s an organisation which clearly cares about its carbon footprint. AmberGreen is delighted to have helped CIDO fulfil its own objectives while putting a system in place which will reduce their electricity bills.”

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