August 19 In the Press Year of Food & Drink 2016

The fire is sparked as The Food Heartlands celebrate Meat Month with Uluru Bar & Grill

WE haven’t exactly had the full on heatwave we have wanted but that hasn’t stopped the crew at Uluru Bar & Grill firing up the Josper.

We are coming to the end of Meat Month at Uluru Bar & Grill and our mouths are watering as we savour the flavour of our fantastic array of meat products here in Northern Ireland.

As a celebration of the food and drink here across the region, and very specifically in The Food Heartlands, the Year of Food and Drink NI initiative has seen many restaurants and chefs celebrate what can be achieved in our kitchens.

We love a good BBQ in Northern Ireland but there’s one restaurant in The Food Heartlands which really does light the fires when it comes to meat.

Uluru Bar & Grill, an award winning, Michelin Recommended restaurant, is a casual dining eatery based in Armagh city’s historic marketplace area. Awarded for its casual dining, the Australian neighbourhood style restaurant celebrates authentic cooking with an Australian twist.

The Head Chef at Uluru Bar & Grill, Mark McGonigle, who has been cooking in the Uluru kitchens since the day it opened in Armagh 12 years ago, is joining in the Meat Month celebrations by creating something succulent, eye popping and mouth watering.

Giving us a sneak preview of what’s the come for the last week in August, Mark takes us into the kitchen at Uluru Bar & Grill and whets our appetite as to this fantastic menu offering which will run from now right through to August 31.

Speaking from the pass, Mark said: “BBQs are a huge tradition in the Australian culture so at every opportunity – we spark the grill, prep the meat, create delicious accompanying salads and serve up some great tasting  food for our customers.

“Here at Uluru Bar & Grill, we don’t have to depend on the weather because we have a Josper Grill in the restaurant so our customers can actually see us cooking our meats.  We like to create a unique flavour so our customers know they are getting something which tastes totally different.

“We use a secret ingredient in our Josper Grill which connects our customers with the land here in The Food Heartlands. So to celebrate Meat Month, the chefs and I have got together to create a specially flavoured Cote De Boeuf which we hope will go down a treat.

“This dish consists of a mighty lump of meat which will be cooked medium to rare and will probably be 16-18 ounces in weight. It will be served with skinny or chunky fries and your choice of sauce – pepper, red wine jus or mushroom.

“This is a fantastic dish to make and is great to taste. This bone in rib-eye steak will be cooked quickly on the Josper and at a very high temperature which reduces cooking time which helps the meat retain the flavour. It’s delicious and we source our meat locally. The fat in these steaks will melt during the cooking process which helps keep the meat moist and will enhance the flavour.”

Collaborating with the in house deli at Emerson’s Supermarket, Mark also says people looking to cook a BBQ at home can also pick up delicious skewers and mixes in the supermarket to enjoy with great salads from the deli and cous cous which is available at the counter and made by the team of chefs in Uluru Bar & Grill.

Mark added: “The Cote De Boeuf will taste great so we are encouraging people to come in and help us celebrate Meat Month.

“It’s the end of the BBQ season coming up although if the weather stays good, people will still spark up the BBQ in September.”

Looking ahead to autumn, Mark and the #ulurucrew are working hard on the new menus for gaming season. Venison will be supplied by La Rousse foods and potentials also for the menu will include pigeon, pheasant and quail.

Mark added: “We always love this time of year because it’s the end of one season and the beginning of another.”

To book a table at Uluru Bar & Grill to celebrate the end of Meat Month with the Cote De Boeuf, call 028 3751 8051.



  • Uluru Bar & Grill is an award winning, Michelin Recommended casual dining restaurant in the heart of The Food Heartlands. Head Chef Mark McGonigle leads a team of chefs to cook up great tasting food with an authentic Australian twist. To see the menus visit
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